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Sahand Plastic Saba's Production Line

Established in 1998

In Sahand Plastic Saba's production line

In Sahand Plastic’s state-of-the-art production line, cutting-edge technology and precision come together to deliver high-quality products. The production process encompasses key steps that ensure the excellence of our recycled polyethylene and polypropylene granules

Careful Selection

Raw Material Collection and Preparation

Careful selection and preparation of raw materials form the foundation of our production. These materials typically include recycled plastics and base polymers.

Base Polymers

Grinding and Shredding

Raw materials undergo grinding and shredding to achieve the optimal particle size for compounding and granulation processes.

Compounding and Extrusion

Extruders transform the shredded materials into granules. These granules are precisely monitored to ensure that desired properties are maintained for each product category.

Prepared For Shipment

Packaging and Shipping:

Final products are meticulously packaged and prepared for shipment. Moreover, we offer the convenience of sending sample products to customers for quality testing purposes.